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Strategic Search Advantage: The search firm alternative.

An Invitation

As you recruit new members to your leadership team and to key administrative positions, today's challenging fiscal environment demands vigilance with your institution's financial resources. We understand that imperative and invite you to experience a new paradigm in cost saving executive search consultation.


Until now you've had only two alternatives when recruiting top talent - an in-house search or a costly executive search firm. We offer a third option. When a Strong Candidate Pool Is Essential
And Financial Resources Are Limited We do one thing - build your candidate pool. All our services focus on this one essential element of the search process. That focus generates superior candidates and substantial savings.
You build a deep, well-qualified candidate pool, just as you would in a full executive search, but at a fraction of the cost.

We singularly focus on researching, identifying, personally contacting, and actively cultivating candidates into your search. Moreover, we provide a guarantee to continue our recruitment until you find that winning candidate.
A Cost Saving Innovation
in Executive Search

You initiate your search.  We build your candidate pool. You complete your search.
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