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Higher education
executive search
from a different
point of view.

The search firm alternative for higher education.

   As you recruit new members to your leadership team and to key academic, administrative, and fundraising positions, today's challenging fiscal environment demands vigilance with your institution's financial resources. Understanding that imperative, we offer a unique set of cost saving executive search services that achieves proven results.

   We work with public and private colleges and universities in search engagements ranging from cabinet to faculty, and invite you to discover the recruitment success and significant cost advantage of our executive search consultation services.

A Third Option

Senior leadership teams, human resource departments, and search committees are quite capable of organizing and initiating a search process and qualifying an applicant pool. Most institutions, however, lack the capability to rigorously research and aggressively recruit candidates into a search. Consequently, higher education institutions have essentially had only two options when undertaking an executive search - either hire a costly executive search firm to provide their full expanse of services, or undertake an in-house search that typically results in a weak applicant pool. We provide a third option.

A Singular Focus

Our firm does one thing. We cultivate your candidate pool. All our services focus on this one essential element of the search process, and that singular focus generates superior candidates. Through rigorous original research and aggressive candidate networking, the cornerstones of exceptional search, we identify, personally contact, and confidentially cultivate candidates into your search. With our focus solely on the identification and cultivation of superior candidates, you achieve a deep and well-qualified candidate pool, just as you would in a full executive search, but at a fraction of the cost of an executive search firm.

A Huge Savings

Today's challenging higher education fiscal environment is simply no place for a high cost executive search firm. In addition to their prohibitive cost, executive search firm fees are typically percentage-based, which makes it impossible to know exactly what your search will cost. That fee structure can also be an incentive to encourage higher starting salaries. For just that reason, we established a simple, flat, all-inclusive fee. If we cultivate your candidate pool, and you qualify those candidates and complete the search, you'll achieve substantial savings and know upfront the exact cost of your search.

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