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Reference Work & Background Checks


You utilize background checks and references as a means to objectively evaluate your candidates' qualifications, character, capabilities, and competence as well as to identify any potential hiring risks. If you have the need, we can support your search with comprehensive reference work and background checks at any point in the search process. Our work includes the following for each candidate:

Extensive reference work with at least four contacts.

Background check, including:


1. Education verification;

2. Employment verification;

3. Social security number verification;

4. Address history;

5. National criminal database search;

6. County level verification of criminal database records;

7. National sex offender registry check;

8. County level search for felonies and misdemeanors.

If you have additional requirements, we can add or modify the verification and search components within the background check as well as the number of references contacted.

Completion of the reference work and background checks takes approximately five to seven days. Prior to initiating our work, we obtain a signed authorization release from each candidate.

Our fee for this extensive work is $750 per candidate.


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