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Our Role In Your Process


You Initiate Your Search

Decision to initiate an executive search.

Review and update the position job description.

Organize the search process and establish a search committee.

We Build Your Candidate Pool*

1. Perform telephone or on-site assessment to fully understand the position, organization, strategic direction, competitive position, culture, and location.

2. Undertake rigorous, original research as the foundation for the search process.

3. Review the updated job description.

4. Build a position profile.

5. Develop a talent acquisition strategy.

6. Supply a detailed search schedule.

7. Assist in placement of national and regional advertisements (optional).

8. Develop a dedicated webpage to include the position description, pertinent organizational materials and links, and application contact information.

9. Prepare and send email and postcard recruitment announcements.

10. Contact, via telephone, hundreds of targeted individuals identified in the talent acquisition strategy to:

   > introduce the opportunity,

   > discuss the position, organization, and location,

   > send supplemental information,

   > cultivate candidacies,

   > obtain nominations and networking referrals.

11. Perform follow-up telephone and email contacts to further cultivate promising candidates.

12. Acknowledge candidate application materials.

13. Forward or post all candidate materials for client review, qualification, and search completion.

* Note: If your institution utilizes a web-based candidate application and tracking management system, we can accommodate that system in our networking process and inform and assist candidates in their application.

You Complete Your Search

Prequalify candidates.

Select and interview semifinalist candidates.

Select and conduct on-site interviews with finalist candidates.

Complete reference work and background checks (we can assist).

Extend an offer to the selected winning candidate.

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