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Targeted Contact Outreach


We designed our targeted contact outreach as an alternative for those institutions that do not opt to utilize our full Proactive Candidate Networking services but, nevertheless, want to take an active, targeted approach to their in-house recruitment efforts.

How many individuals who meet your qualifications and possess a genuine interest in your opportunity actually see your ads and web postings? Our targeted contact outreach takes the guesswork out of the equation.

As a cost-effective alternative to the passive and generally unproductive tactics of merely placing ads and web postings, we offer an opportunity to utilize our outreach services to either initiate a new search process or supplement an already existing weak candidate pool.

Targeted contact outreach services include the following:

1. Perform a telephone assessment to understand the position, review the updated job description, and understand the ideal potential candidates.

2. Identify a targeted group of ideal potential candidates.

3. Research and develop contact information for these individuals.

4. Prepare and email recruitment announcements to the targeted group.

5. Contact, via telephone, the individuals in the targeted group to introduce the opportunity and cultivate candidacies.

6. Contact nominations and provide follow-up.

7. Receive and acknowledge candidate application materials, forward materials for client review and qualification, and/or refer candidates to an online application system.

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