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Our Fee


Proactive Candidate Networking Fee

In addition to their high cost, executive search firm fees are typically percentage-based, which can make it impossible to know exactly what your search will cost. This type of fee structure can also be an incentive to encourage higher starting salaries. That's the reason we established a simple, flat, and all-inclusive fee.

Our all-inclusive fee is $9,500.

The fee is billed in three equal installments: at the initiation of services, the sending of recruitment announcements, and the completion or posting of the candidate pool.

We also offer preferred pricing for a commitment to multiple searches.

The Savings You Can Achieve

Here's an example of the savings we generated for one of our clients.

If we cultivate your candidate pool, and you qualify those candidates and complete the search, you can achieve savings like these:


* Search firm base fee at one-third of starting salary. Firms usually add additional costs for search-related expenses.