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Mission and Principles

Founding Principles


Today's challenging economic environment demands vigilance with the financial resources of higher education institutions.


A commitment to rigorous, original research is the cornerstone of exceptional search.

Aggressive, proactive candidate networking cultivates a superior candidate pool.

Small by design to offer a service with focus, responsiveness, and personal attention.


Why We Get Up In the Morning


We relish the challenge, exploration, creativity, nuance, and personal contacts afforded in building superior candidate pools.




Identify, cultivate, and assemble a robust pool of well-qualified candidates for each search we support.

Provide innovative solutions to support the need to recruit top talent in a cost saving environment.

Be a trusted and valued extension of each search committee, human resource department, and senior leadership team we assist.




As a firm, we assure inclusion and diversity in all of our search projects. Through our rigorous research we identify potential candidates from underrepresented groups. Our candidate networking includes email, ground mail, and phone contact directed to those individuals in minority and underrepresented groups. In addition, we include language in all recruitment materials encouraging participation by ethnic and cultural minorities and members of underrepresented groups.




Strategic Search Advantage upholds a strict confidentiality policy regarding both institutional and candidate information. We designed our search process to maintain complete confidentiality of both client and candidate information throughout the networking process. Candidates can thus feel comfortable exploring an opportunity without jeopardizing present employment.


Sole Source


Since our services are unique in the marketplace when compared to the significantly more expansive and high cost of full service search firms, Strategic Search Advantage generally qualifies as a sole source vendor for executive recruitment consultation. In addition, with fees a fraction of the cost of executive search firms, public institutions can typically utilize our services without the requirement of a formal Request for Proposal process.

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