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Proactive Candidate Networking


We designed our proactive candidate networking and outreach to include the full set of services to cultivate a deep, well-qualified candidate pool. You develop and initiate your search process and determine the qualities, skill set, values, personal characteristics, and experience level for the position. We undertake a telephone or on-site position assessment to fully understand the position, and your organization, strategic direction, culture, competitive position, and location.

Our firm develops a candidate acquisition strategy to research and identify an original group of hundreds of potential applicants that meet your established qualifications, not just a group of individuals extracted from a database or previous searches. We then develop and post a position profile webpage; design and send email recruitment announcements; and prepare, print, and mail recruitment announcement postcards.

Aggressive Outreach

Strategic Search Advantage implements an aggressive networking strategy in developing a candidate pool. Our process involves proven methodologies to generate participation by a large group of diverse and highly qualified candidates. Through our extensive networking, we contact hundreds of targeted individuals to discuss the opportunity, determine their interest, send supplemental information, cultivate their candidacies, and obtain nominations and referrals. 

During our conversations, we promote your opportunity, actively advocate on behalf of your institution, and directly encourage top individuals to enter the search. After completing the broad outreach, we perform a subsequent outreach to cultivate promising candidates and further pursue those individuals who have previously expressed an interest.

Search Logistics

Throughout the networking phase, we handle the logistics of accepting applications and managing ongoing communication with candidates. As candidate materials are received, we acknowledge their receipt and request any missing information. If your institution utilizes a web-based candidate application and tracking management system, we can accommodate that system in our networking process. In addition, we have the capability to provide AA/EEO independent applicant survey and data application services in order to monitor the number and diversity of your applicant pool. 

Once the candidate networking is complete, we forward or post all candidate materials for your review. If you utilize a web-based application system, candidates will be instructed and assisted in making application through that system. You then screen, evaluate, and qualify the candidate pool and successfully complete your search.

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