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The Missing 85%


The Big Takeaway from LinkedIn's Research

  • Only 15% of potential candidates are willing to apply and complete your online application if they happen to see your ad and your job sounds compelling.

  • The other 85% need to be contacted directly and convinced the job you're offering is better than the one they have.

LinkedIn's Original Research Findings


When you only place ads and web postings to recruit candidates to your in-house search, you reach less than 20% of prospective candidates.


Here's the breakdown of potential candidates according to the original research conducted by LinkedIn:


  • 44% are open to considering a new opportunity if contacted by a recruiter.

  • 16% are discreetly looking by networking only with associates and colleagues.

  • 22% are not looking for a new position.

  • 10% are casually looking via search engines and job aggregators.

  • 8% are actively looking for a new position.


How Do You Cost-Effectively Reach the 85%?


Candidates who are actively and casually looking for a new position, the 15%, visit job boards and organizational websites to seek out available positions. They may see your ads and web postings.


Passive candidates, the 85%, do not visit those job boards and websites and, therefore, will not see your ads and web postings. Passive candidates must be researched, identified, personally contacted, and cultivated. There is nothing "passive" about the recruitment of passive candidates.


Until now you had to engage an outside firm and undertake a full executive search in order to reach those passive candidates. We solve your problem by providing the opportunity to isolate the cultivation of the candidate pool from the search process, reach those passive candidates, and generate substantial savings in the process.

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