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Original Research and Proactive Networking


Founding Principle


A commitment to rigorous, original research is the cornerstone of exceptional search.


Curiosity and analysis are at the core of our work, and we approach each assignment with a fresh perspective. We do not believe in merely choosing names from a vast database for one search after another. Nor do we look for clones of the previous incumbent. We understand the job thoroughly and find the individual who can best fill it.


Methodical research, including intensive phone investigation with both information sources and potential candidates, is at the heart of what we do. We undertake significantly more research per assignment than an executive search firm. We feel it permits us to truly get to know a particular position, institution, and discipline. We finish having developed our candidate acquisition strategy, identified targeted potential applicants, and feeling as though we have mapped that particular universe.


Founding Principle


Aggressive, proactive candidate networking cultivates a superior candidate pool.


Proactive candidate networking based on original research has become somewhat of a lost art. Personally connecting with information sources and candidates, conversation, and cultivation have given way to a dependence on ads, web postings, and an untargeted use of technology. Many executive search firms have developed an over-reliance on ads, web postings, and untargeted mass email campaigns.


A successful search is based on a foundation of original research and comprehensive candidate networking. Identifying your targeted potential candidates requires the discipline of intense research. Getting their attention and bringing them into the search requires multiple forms of contact - email, direct mail, and phone - to inform them of the opportunity, answer questions, provide information, cultivate their candidacies, and seek out nominations.


The Bottom Line

Aggressive networking supported by rigorous research is the key to building a superior candidate pool. See what we deliver for your search process.

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