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a New Way to Recruit

You Complete Your Search
Review and prequalify candidates.
Select and interview semifinalists.
Convene campus interviews.
Choose the winning candidate.


We Build Your Candidate Pool

You Initiate Your Search
Establish the search committee.
Develop a charge to the committee.
Update the position description.
Organize a search process.

What We Do

Here's What the
Research Tells Us

According to LinkedIn's research only 15% of potential candidates are willing to apply and complete your online application if they happen to see your ad and the job sounds compelling. The other 85% need to be contacted directly, either by a search firm or colleague, and convinced the job you're offering is better than the one they have.

Your In-House Search Targets the 15%

You place your ads to target those potential applicants actively or casually looking for a new position. Then, you simply wait a few weeks to see who may notice your ad and decide to apply. At that point, you review and qualify the applicants and make an offer to the most qualified individual who happened to see your ad.

We Achieve Our Proven Results by Targeting the 85%

Individuals in the 85% are not actively seeking a new position and will not see your ads. Through original research, our firm identifies and targets those individuals who meet your qualifications. Then, through an aggressive outreach campaign, we personally contact and confidentially cultivate those individuals into your search.

A deep, well-qualified applicant pool, just as you would with a full executive search firm.

Savings of $40,000, $50,000, or more vs. executive search firm fees.

A guarantee to continue our recruitment until you find your winning candidate.

What You Get

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

"We needed to recruit, not just post and pray. Your cost effective services allowed us to do it. No way we could have engaged an executive search firm. Thanks for a great pool and successful search."

"We’ve been very pleased with our pools, focused where we needed them, and great for diversity. I do appreciate the fabulous job and strong candidates. You’re batting 1000."

"Thank you for all your help. This search was definitely a success, and I appreciate you so much for finding our new VP. I have worked with search firms before and by far and away you are the best."

"Thanks for reaching out. I got the postcard in the mail as well. You have a very rigorous method of getting the word out to possible candidates and you should be commended. Very tenacious."

"I cannot thank you enough for reaching out to me. I never would have applied for this position if you had not personally emailed me, called me, and then graciously answered my questions."

University of Idaho

Provost and Executive Vice President 
Vice Provost, Strategic Enrollment Management
Vice Provost, Academic Initiatives
Vice President for Finance
Vice President for Research

Associate Vice President for Research

Associate Vice President for Development
Executive Director, University of Idaho Foundation
Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Dean, College of Business and Economics
Dean, College of Education
Dean, College of Science
Director for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Director for Distance and Extended Education
Chairs, College of Engineering
Endowed Professorship

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dean, School of Business
Dean, College of Health Sciences

Carroll University

Dean, College of Health Sciences
Assistant Vice President for Development
Program Director, Occupational Therapy
Director of Facilities

Southwest Minnesota State University

Vice President, Enrollment Management

Saint Martin's University 

Vice President of Finance/CFO
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Dean, College of Education   

Westminster College

Vice President of Enrollment Management

St. Cloud State University

Associate Provost for Research
Dean, School of Public Affairs

Virginia Community College System

Presidential searches at nine community colleges, including Northern Virginia Community College, the second largest community college in the United States.

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